Maravar Kings and Queens Photos and Paintings

Shri.Freedom Fighter Rebel Muthuramalinga sethupathi Maharaja

Shri Baskara Sethupathi Maharaja who sent swami Vivekananda to Chicago conference.

and patron of Fourth Tamil sangam Madurai.

Shri. Velu Nachiyar queen of Sivagangai Freedom Fighter(1772-1779)

Shri.Pasumpon Muthuramalinga Thevar,Freedom Fighter,Leader of AIFB Bose party,Tamil Nadu

Urkad Zamin Fortress Scribs

Urkad Zamindar Sethirayar Sethirapathy,Tirunelveli

Royal Emblem of Singampatti zamin

Royal Emblem of TalaivanKottai

                             Freedom Fighter Muthuramalinga Sethupathi Maharaja

                 Shri. Muthuramalinga Sethupathi Maharaja of Ramanathapuram Samasthanam

      Ramalinga Vilas Palace of Ramanathapuram

      Maharaja Sethupathi Udayana Thevar

                     Shri. Raja Dasaratha Thevar of Palayampatti

Old palace of Urkad Zamin

                Seithur Zamindar Sevuga Pandiya Devar

Royal Emblem of Garuda and Hanuman of Setu Kingdom

      Shri. Maharaja Murugadoss theerthapathy of Singampatti      

   One of Old Palace of Seitur Zamin

Ramalinga Vilas Palace of Ramanathapuram Samasthanam

         Shri.Maharaja Siva Subramaniya theerthapathi Singampatti zamin


    Seitur Zamin Sevuga pandiyan 

Palaiyavanam Zamin Palace

Royal Emblem of Uttumalai Zamin

Maravar zamindars of Kollam kondan,Seitur,Talaivankottai,Palaiyavanam,Sivagiri,Singampatti…

Uttumalai Zamindar King Marudappa Pandiya Thevar

Uttumalai King and Queen

Palaiyavanam zamindar Pandi Durai Thevar Patron of Fourth Tamil Sangam Madurai

Freedom Fighter Queen Velu Nachiyar Ruler of Sivagangai Samasthanam

Princess of Singampatti Zamindar and Queen Nachiyar of Sivagangai

Uttumalai Zamindar with his queen

Sivagangai Raja with his queen

Sivagangai Karthi Raja College and statue

Singampatti Zamindar Sivasubramaniya thevar and his queen Nachiyar

Zamindar of Talaivan Kottai and the Family

Royal Emblem of Singam patti

Uttumalai zamindar

Uttumalai Palace old one

Royal Palace of Singampatti zamin

Seitur Zamin Festival inside palace arena

Uttumalai Young zamindar with a Anglo-officer

Talaivan Kottai zamin Family

Sivagangai Samasthanam Court

Puli Devar Palace

Puli Devar Zamindar of Nelkattansevval(Avudaiyapuram)First Freedom fighter against English

year 1754-1767. Nearly 13 years of struggle.

Puli Devar Room in Sankaran Koil Temple where he finally entered and merged with god.

Shri.Rajeswara Sethupathy Maharaja of Ramnad

Queen Nachiyar of Ramnad

Sivagangai Maharaja with his heirs.

Rani Aparachitha Nachiyar of Sivagangai

Royal Palace of Uttumalai

Kollam Kondan zamindar Vandaiya thevar

Kollam Kondan Vandaiya Thevar Family

TalaivanKottai Zamindar Indra Talaivan Ramasamy Pandiyan

Talaivankottai zamindar

Talaivan Kottai Emblem double umberlla

Talaivankottai Zamin Family

Talaivan Kottai

Seitur Zamin Sevuga pandiyan

Shri Raja Baskara Sethupathy

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